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Tokusatsu Group Cosplay Project Main post
honou_no_izumi wrote in atori_cafe
This is more for my Cosplay Project team.

This group will be for all year round and not set for certain events only.

And because I'm a little elitist, there'll be some rules. This is in order to get some bit of quality. Considering if you're claiming you're cosplaying a character, you better do it well. 

Rules: Any human characters(untransformed/possessed version) cosplayed must at least followed the basic appearance they had in the series if the clothes varied (aka hair style, role play, any obvious characteristic appearances

- But then for hair/wigs you cannot get the effect, it's okay~ just at least fulfil the other criteria). Rider Belts/Transformation items are optional for non transformed version as well as other props that relates to the character. (Violins, ZECT miniguns, cameras, Liner Passes, Shodophones etc)

And in terms of props, it doesn't necessarily means that you can only USE/BUY original merchandises in order to cosplay. If you cannot afford the props, you can always make yourself. I do not expect new cosplayers (especially) to go all out buying things when they do have other things to spent that money for things that's more important than cosplay. I find people who boasts about things like this to be really annoying.

If you just come in wearing any random belts and say you're cosplaying any characters and be Out Of Character, sorry... go elsewhere. Espescially considering, this is COSPLAY as in COSTUME + ROLEPLAY and not a dressup group.

- If you want to call your cosplays 'human forms', these are the list of the characters you could do. Unless the character have forms that original is NOT humanoid, you do not call the human-looking/human characters as human forms!

Kamen Rider

Showa Rider - Every single kaijin villains in the series who in their respective canons had appeared in human appearances.
Kuuga - All Unidentified Lifeforms (Aside from Kuuga/No 4.) who had appeared in the series in human appearances
Agito - All Unknowns who had appeared in the series in human appearances, Overlords of Light and Darkness
555 - All Orphenochs who had appeared in the series in human appearances (IF you are cosplaying the human characters as Orphenochs)
Blade - The human appearances of Jack, Queen and King Undeads of the four suits, Black Joker, Albino Joker and Human Undead
Hibiki - The Man, Woman, Fake Man, Woman, Hime, Douji while in their human appearances
Kabuto - Natives and Worms who had appeared in the series in human appearances
Den-O/Decade - The Taros/Good Imagins (Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryuutaros, Sieg, Deneb, Teddy) appearances when they possessed people (Ryoutaro, Yuuto, Tsukasa, Natsumi, Yuusuke, Kotaro, Daiki etc) as well as Ghost!Ryoutaro
Kiva - Every single Fangire, Wolfen, Merman, Franken who had appeared in the series in human appearances
OOO - Greeeds (Ankh, Mezool, Uva, Gamel, Kazari) in human guises.
Wizard - Phantoms that took the appearances as their previous Gate identities

Well, this don't include fanmade ones like humanified Zecters, Disc Animals but you get the drift. For Gaia Memory users, Kazari's parasitic Yummys, Zodiarts/Horoscope switch users, please refer tham as their human characters!

Ultraman Universe

- Seven, Leo, 80, Mebius, Ultraman Father/Santa mode. Other Ultran cosplays that are in their human host appearances you call them by their human names!
- Yapool's human form
- Alien Rayblood, Alien Pedan, Alien Keel, every other kaijuu/kaijin who had appeared in the series in human appearances

Other series

Super Sentai - Every non-human, kaijin characters who had appeared in the series in human appearances
GARO - Every Horrors who had appeared in the series in human appearances
Tomica Hero/Metal Hero/Cutey Honey/Ryukendo/Chouseishin Every non-human, kaijin characters who had appeared in the series in human appearances

That should cover all. So far. Of course, random otaku can always bring their tokusatsu series merchandises and put them on during events, just don't say you cosplay.

Extra notes: To either new cosplayers or old cosplayers, regardless of how 'popular' or how 'good' your cosplays are, please do not think either of you are better than the other. The only elitism I'd expect from this group is ONLY with regards to the Toku cosplays (costumes, props, role-playing) by itself, not amongst the cosplayers.

Kamen Rider Photoshoot idea/location: (Feel free to suggest more)

- Taman Tasik Rekreasi KJ nearby my house
- The park beside Amcorp Mall
- Taman Aman, near Taman Paramount LRT
- Carparks for Sunway Piramid/One Utama/Gardens MV/anywhere you think there's mirrors (ideal for Ryuki)
- The park area beside Ikea/Ikano, behind e-curve
- Mines Wonderland Lakeside
- If possible, Taylor's Lakeside Campus
- Any other place possible!

Anyone interested for shoots, we'll try setting up when and where. 

Character lists:
- Haha~ I'll cheat because if I list here the post gonna be uber long. (A LOT MAN!!! I probably not include all LOL. Hahaha I had too much fun~)

Kamen Rider  V3  X  Amazon  Stronger  Skyrider  Super-1, BLACK & BLACK RX  Kuuga  Agito  Ryuki  555  Blade  Hibiki  Kabuto  Den-O  Kiva  Decade   W/Double OOO  Fourze  Wizard

Super Sentai  Ultraman  GARO  Cutie Honey the LIVE  Tomica Hero Series  Chouseishin  Ryukendo


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