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honou_no_izumi wrote in atori_cafe
Just thought I should have some where where people can look up about my RP stuff. (logs on muses may just be posted on their respective journals while this one's for the ones that didn't have one.)

Well, because I generally don't speak to much...

Mun's contact detail:
E-mail/MSN: honou_no_izumi AT hotmail
 -  But please leave a note first on who you are by either pm or email, so that I'd know it's you.)
 - Nowadays I rarely open irc but when I do, I mostly headed to #comicfiesta where I usually chat with my friends. Not sure #astaga was still around though. My handle there was mostly izzu unless I'm feeling random and used other nicks. Usually toku related though.)
Time available: Because I'm on GMT+8, I try not to stay up too late but I'll try to play whenever I'm free.
While I can always promise I can play at any set of time, but I'll do my best.
Language can be either English, Malay or mixed with random Japanese romaji. I'm trying to brush up on my languages too.

Characters I play/can play/used to play
Bolded were the ones I cosplayed before, italic were the ones I used to play randomly before.


Kamen Rider OOO
- Ankh

Kamen Rider W
- Narumi Akiko
- Phillip/Sonozaki Raito
- Sonozaki Wakana

Kamen Rider Decade

- Kadoya Tsukasa
- Hikari Natsumi
- Kurenai Wataru
- Kurenai Otoya

Kamen Rider Kiva

- Kurenai Otoya
- Kurenai Wataru
- Maya
- Nago Keisuke

Kamen Rider Den-O

- Nogami Ryoutaro
- Ryuutaros
- Kintaros
- Urataros
- Momotaros
- Sieg
(because I tried to cosplay all of them, I tried to be able to play all of them)
- Sakurai Yuuto
- Deneb

Kamen Rider Kabuto

- Kagami Arata
- Tendou Souji
- Yaguruma Sou
- Takatori Renge

Kamen Rider Blade

- Kazuma Kenzaki
- Tachibana Sakuya
- Aikawa Hajime

Kamen Rider 555
- Kiba Yuji

Kamen Rider Ryuki
- Kido Shinji

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
- Shiba Takeru
- Ikenami Ryunosuke


Hidarime Tantei Eye

- Tanaka Yumehito/Yumeto
- Tanaka Ainosuke
- Sayama Hitomi

Bloody Monday

- Takagi Fujimaru/Falcon

Samurai High School
- Mochidzuki Kotaro

* I'm still watching the series and somehow Miura-kun had a knack at giving me muses XD. Not sure if I would give him his own LJ, seeing that I still had other muses to think about but if you want to play with him, feel free.

Pirates of the Caribbeans

- Captain Jack Sparrow

Full Metal Alchemist

- Roy Mustang

Note: There was some other anime/manga characters I used to play in some random meme but I forgot some.


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