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Akiko: Love love~~~
honou_no_izumi wrote in atori_cafe
...have we had W muses interact?
nope... hadn't played anyone before... but Akiko seemed fun XD

So we just had to talk about pairings... and then...!

How does Akiko feel about him~? >3

Akiko: -blinksblinks- M.... ME????!!!!! R-r-r-really... COMPLETELY ... not sure about that!! -shakes head-
Akiko: Terui-kun is so kakkoi... and cool... much better than half-boiled Sho-chan---
Akiko: But to say... love love... -blushes- Aaaaaaaa it is so sooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terui: one said anything about that word.
Akiko: B-but!! If talking about your feeling about someone... it should be about love,love feelings... right? I...

Terui: She's just asking for an opinion, Chief. -sips coffee, sort of used to these outbursts by now-
Akiko: -stammers- B-but.... these kinds of questions... it's so distressing... Terui-kun!!! Why aren't you distressed about it!!!!!!
Terui: -blank look- There's no reason for it to bother me.

Akiko: -blinksblinks- Then, Terui-kun... have you never thought about it? About maybe settling down somewhere... and having little Terui-kuns... amd some... -pikapikas-
Terui: -bristle- I don't need to think about that sort of thing!

Akiko: Why NOT!!!???? XOOOOOO Don't you like having FAMILIES!!! FAMILIES ARE GOOD!!!!!!!
Terui: . . .
Akiko: . . .

Akiko: Aaaaa~~~~ what a waste of men~~~~
Terui: Chief.

Akiko: What is it? *__*
Terui: Please think about what you said to me.
Akiko: What... I said?
Terui: -shakes his head- Never mind.
Akiko: -blinkblinks-
Akiko: Some more coffee? *__*

Terui: ...uh?
Akiko: Or do you want something else?
Akiko: Coffee... Tea... or me? Hahahahhahaha -blushes and runs to hide XD-
Terui: I'd rather drink my own.
Akiko: Oh! Okay!

Akiko: But ne... ne, Terui-kun! What're you doing right now? No case to investigate?
Terui: Not right now.

And the convo went... nowhere as Terui ignores or probably forgotten about Akiko. XDDD Poor Akiko...?
Edited for typos and stuffs. And it was fun playing Akiko~


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